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Going Alone in Euchre

Updated: Oct 18, 2023
Euchre going alone
Euchre is a classic card game where each player strives to take as many tricks as they can. But you already knew this. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t a competitive Euchre player. The rules of Euchre might vary depending on different regions of the world, but every single variation has an option of “going alone”.

Generally, Euchre is a team game, with the most widely spread variation being with four players separated into two teams. Going alone, which the Euchre terminology explains as, playing without a teammate, could have different consequences in each variation.

Now, let’s explore these consequences and decide whether it’s reasonable to take the risk.

1. What does going alone in Euchre mean?

By definition, in Euchre “going alone” refers to a strategy where a player chooses to play a hand without their partner. This means the player is alone against both opponents, while their partner sits out the hand. This is best attempted if you have a strong hand, and you’re almost certain you will be taking the tricks. Going alone earns the player 4 points, compared to the usual 2 if they played with a partner. Of course, this is only if you take all five tricks.

2. Who can go alone?

In traditional Euchre, only the maker has the option to go alone. The maker’s partner does not have the opportunity to declare going alone.

Other players (the defenders) do not have the option to go alone when classic rules apply.

At Euchre.com, players have the unique freedom to create custom games that offer a range of exciting options. One of the standout features available to players is the ability to choose who has the opportunity to go alone in a particular hand – the maker or everyone at the table. When the option to let everyone go alone is selected, it introduces an element of unpredictability and risk-taking into the game, where multiple players have the opportunity to showcase their skills and attempt to win all five tricks on their own.

There is a variation known as Buck Euchre, where there are no teams and each person plays alone.

3. Going alone tips

Playing alone in euchre is a high-risk, high-reward strategy that requires careful consideration and a strong hand. Here are some strategies to keep in mind when you decide to go alone in euchre:

Evaluate Your Hand: Before declaring “going alone,” carefully assess the strength of your hand. A strong hand for going alone typically includes several trump cards, preferably including the Right Bower (the Jack of the trump suit) and the Left Bower (the Jack of the same color as the trump suit). High cards in other suits can also be valuable for taking tricks.

Consider the Trump Suit: If you have a strong trump suit, it can be a significant advantage when going alone. Trump cards outrank all other suits, so having control of the trump suit is crucial for winning tricks. However, be aware of the possibility that opponents may have strong trump cards as well.

Pay Attention to the Lead Card: As the solo player, you lead the first trick. Consider leading with a high trump card to gain control and establish your dominance in the trump suit. However, if you have a weak hand, leading with a lower trump card or a high card from another suit might be a better option to lure out opponent’s trump cards.

Be Confident: Confidence is essential when going alone. Make decisive plays, but also stay flexible and adapt to changing circumstances.

4. When is appropriate to go alone?

Deciding when to go alone in euchre is a strategic choice that depends on the strength of your hand, your position in the game, and your knowledge of your opponents’ playing styles.

If you have a hand with several high-ranking trump cards (including the Right Bower and Left Bower) and the possibility of taking most or all of the tricks, it’s a good time to consider going alone.

In a game where you’re close to reaching the winning score, going alone can be a strategic move to secure additional points.

If you’re familiar with your opponents’ playing styles and know they tend to underestimate or misplay strong hands, it may be a good time to go alone and capitalize on their mistakes.

In certain situations where your team is far behind and needs a significant number of points to catch up, going alone might be a desperate but necessary move to have a chance of winning the game.

5. How to go alone in three-handed Euchre?

Going alone in three-handed Euchre is a bit more complicated, as it matters whether you’re going alone as the maker, or if you’re going alone as the defender. Get acquainted with the specifics of the three-handed Euchre if you have any questions.

If you’re going alone as the maker, you are the one who chooses trump at the beginning and you always play alone. The other 2 players are a team called the defenders. If the maker decided goes alone, they can’t take any cards from the dummy hand. If you’re going alone as the defender, which you could do before the first card has been played, your partner will not be involved in the round.

Scoring is the same: winning all five tricks earns you four points. Winning three or four tricks earns you two points. No tricks earn no points for you and 2 points for your opponents.

Going alone in Euchre is a high-risk, high-reward strategy that can be effective when used appropriately. Playing this strategy in Euchre requires a strong hand, careful consideration of the game situation, and the ability to read your opponent’s and partner’s cards.
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