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How to Play Spit Card Game

Updated: Oct 25, 2023
spit card game
Have you ever found yourself in need of a fast-paced and exhilarating card game to pass the time with a friend or family member? Look no further than Spit Card Game! This classic two-player game, known by various names like Speed, Slam, or Spit, is not only a test of agility and quick thinking but also a source of endless fun and competition.

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1. Spit Card Game Setup

Spit is played with two players and a standard 52-card deck. The objective is to rid yourself of your entire deck of cards as rapidly as possible. Here, there are no turns. Instead, players must rely on their physical agility and mental alertness to outpace their opponent.

In every round, the first player to successfully exhaust their starting cards gains the advantage of dealing with fewer cards in subsequent rounds. By achieving this feat consistently over several rounds, one can ultimately clear their entire deck, thus emerging victorious in the game.

The entire deck of cards is divided evenly between the players, and each player arranges their cards into five stacks, following this pattern:

  • Stack 1: No cards face down, 1 card face up.
  • Stack 2: 1 card face down, 1 card face up.
  • Stack 3: 2 cards face down, 1 card face up.
  • Stack 4: 3 cards face down, 1 card face up.
  • Stack 5: 4 cards face down, 1 card face up.

The primary aim of the game is to relocate all these cards into two designated “spit piles” initially devoid of cards, situated between the rows of cards belonging to each player. The remaining eleven cards from each player’s deck, which haven’t been incorporated into the stacks, are placed face down in a pile adjacent to the active play area, known as the “spit cards.”

Within the rows of cards, players can place face-up cards of identical value (though they may differ in suit) on top of each other. Subsequently, the face-down cards uncovered in this process are flipped face-up. This process of stacking and revealing continues until each player’s row contains face-up cards of five different values.

2. How to Play Spit

In Spit Card Game, players engage in fast-paced gameplay with no designated turns, focusing on swiftly clearing their tableau. Here’s how it unfolds:

  • Initial card placement. To kick off the game, each player places the top card from their spit pile onto the center of the playing table.
  • Using center piles. The center piles serve as a means to shed cards from the tableau. Players can get rid of their cards by matching them with the center cards in ascending or descending sequence, provided the cards on their tableau are face up.
  • Adding to tableau. While the center piles are essential, players can also extend their own tableau piles by placing cards on top of each other in sequence. Notably, Aces can function as both high and low, enabling them to be played against Kings or 2s, for example.
  • Card flipping. Once a card is played, the player flips up the top card of the pile they played from and continues the game.
  • No turns, fast play. Spit doesn’t have traditional turns. Instead, players strive to clear their tableau as swiftly as possible. If no player can play against the center cards, they turn to the top card of their spit pile.
  • Slapping the center piles. When one player successfully clears their tableau, they can promptly slap either of the two center piles. The first to slap a pile gets to keep it, and the other player takes the remaining pile. Since the end goal is to dispose of all cards, players aim to slap the pile with the fewest cards. After a round, both players shuffle their cards and establish new tableaus to continue the game.
  • End of round. If neither player has spit piles and neither can play on the center cards, the round concludes. Players then aim to slap the pile with the fewest cards.
  • Victory. The game continues until one player successfully rids themselves of all their cards, at which point they emerge as the victor.

While playing Spit, players must leave their stacks undisturbed on the table, and only one card can be played at a time. It’s also worth noting that players can choose whether to use both hands or just one while playing the game, but it’s essential that both players agree on the selected approach for a fair match.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up the game?

To set up, use a standard 52-card deck. Both players receive a stack of cards to form their Spit Pile, and the remaining cards are evenly distributed to form the Stock Piles. The game board consists of a row of cards, with one Spit Pile in the center.

How do I win the game?

The game is won by the player who empties their Spit Pile first. To do this, you must match cards from your hand with those in the Spit Pile according to the game’s rules. The first player to do this wins the round, and the game is often played in multiple rounds.

What if both players run out of moves?

If both players are temporarily stuck with no legal moves, you can shout “Spit” and simultaneously flip the top card from your Stock Pile onto the center pile. This action can sometimes break the deadlock and create new opportunities.

What happens if a player makes an illegal move?

If a player makes an illegal move by placing a card that doesn’t match the top card of the Spit Pile, they typically receive a penalty. A common penalty is that the other player gets to take a card from the offender’s Stock Pile.

Are there variations to the game?

Yes, Spit Card Game has several variations and house rules. Players often introduce their own rules, such as adding more Spit Piles or using multiple decks to increase the complexity and excitement of the game. These variations can be a fun way to personalize the experience.

Grab a deck of cards and immerse yourself in the world of Spit Card Game – a game that’s all about speed, skill, and the thrill of winning.

Remember that practice, quick reflexes, and strategic thinking will be your allies.

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